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MONTREAL, QC – (March 27, 2012) – Artmetco is pleased to announce their relocation to a new and expanded world-class facility in China.

Located outside of Suzhou, China, Artmetco established operations in Asia in 2005 to support its North American facilities and the growing demand of an international client base. Today, Artmetco Asia closely reflects Artmetco’s North American facility with over 100,000 square feet of UL, CSA and ISO certified state of the art equipment and a remarkable new powder paint shop.

‘Unlike other companies who engage agents to contract work to the lowest bidder, we have a dedicated team and we use a mixed model where our Asian and North American facilities work together to support client needs in any circumstance’ said Artmetco President Dan Kucer.

In an effort to keep costs down and add value to their clients, Artmetco consolidates various kanban products from multiple clients into each shipment to insure a steady stream of material that is available to clients Just In Time.

‘We work closely with the local management team at our Asian shop to insure that the quality and consistency of the products produced in Suzhou are held to the same standards of excellence that we maintain in our North American facility’ said Artmetco Quality Assurance Supervisor, Mr. Daniel Desabrais.

About Artmetco: With 75 years of industry experience, Artmetco has a reputation for producing high quality and high precision products backed by excellent service and support for world-class clients in a myriad of industries across North America. A tradition of innovation, expertise, and a passion for engineering permeates every aspect of Artmetco’s state-of-the-art facilities in both Canada and China.