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We don’t see the benefits of outsourcing.

Let’s review with you OUR model: Do you consider your facility state of the art? Do you consider your ERP/MRP state of the art? Does your product demand go up and down over the course of a year? To what extent? How do you address this situation? For a product of your level of sophistication, do you not find it a waste to have skilled human assets assembling screws, nuts etc…? How much inventory do you need to carry on your books of semi-finished and finished? What could you do with that working capital if it wasn’t sitting on a shelf? Of all of your management resources, how much is spent on production management and what could you do with those precious resources if the process was handled by a partner such as Artmetco? In a world where everyone gets to do what they know best, just think about how much you might achieve by redirecting precious, product knowledgeable resources.

I’ve been doing business with the same suppliers for years.

Can your current supplier cover concept to carton to client? If you could, just pulling a number form the air, save $200,000 in the second full year, that’s $200,000 more in the company’s pocket or another way to look at it might be: How many more products might you have to sell to make $200,000 extra profit? You would have to sell something like $4,000,000 more to make the same $200,000 direct to the bottom line.

It costs too much to change suppliers.

Commodity Supplier to Commodity Supplier, or Commodity Supplier to partner? The transition to the full service we provide may only be short term pain for long term gain.

It’s not a priority right now.

Why isn’t making more profit a priority? Is it time and resources? We can help! We sympathize! We’ve all been there until the right solution comes along. If you didn’t have “X” to do on an ongoing basis, might you not have more time for the critical priorities?

What will I do with my people?

What do you do with your people now when you have less work to do? With their experience and product knowledge, surely they can be redirected to use their talent for more current strategic activities.

What will we do with our semi finished inventory?

We are used to this. We will plan a phase out together accordingly, work it down with you and then take over.

How will I maintain relationships with our clients if Artmetco ships directly to our clients?

The fulfillment of your orders to YOUR clients and the logistics will be transparent. Your clients will receive shipments using your packaging and packing slip.

How can I be sure that the finished product that Artmetco ships will be properly tested and as per our quality standards?

Every client is unique. We work with our clients, developing inspection and test plans accordlingly; we measure, we comply, and guarantee.

What makes you different?

In this frenetic hyper speed world, our door is open 24/7 for design, engineering, and technical support. Our clients come and go on a whim as if we were an extension of their team. We always share our expertise to help quickly develop and improve cost and marketability of our client’s products.

Why Artmetco?

Our complete services are reinforced by constant innovation and professional work practices combined with proprietary standards and procedures that surpass our ISO 9002 certification requirements. From dedicated customer service and near-zero rejection rates, to JIT or Kanban deliveries, Kaizen value engineering teams, and the latest equipment and industry manufacturing techniques, we are continuously devising new ways to better serve our partners. See us as an extension of your engineering and materials management departments – the manufacturing partner you need not worry about.

When was Artmetco founded?

Artmetco solutions was founded 75 years ago as a manufacturer of sheet metal products. Since 1990, we have evolved, with time, into a ‘womb to tomb’ service provider, taking what might be YOUR no value activities: artmetco solution is now considered as one of Canada’s most important & largest PMSP (product manufacturing solutions partner) specialized in sheet metal fabrication, providing complete solutions. We have experience in diverse sectors such as medical, telecom, gaming and hi-tech. ‘let us do it for you so you don’t have to.

Where is Artmetco headquartered?

Artmetco’ headquarters is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We have a manufacturing channel in China. Our strength is to be able to provide to our clients a mixed model of manufacturing and/or assembly from China and/or Montreal, with a full time team in China who is responsible for Sourcing, Manufacturing Management, Quality Assurance and Logistics.