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Capitalizing on Artmetco’s broad customer and relationship base, Artmetco is pleased to announce the creation of a new business unit focused on clean energy solutions.

In response to a growing demand for clean local energy solutions, Artmetco Energy Solutions has entered the market with a unique Vertical Axis-Wind Turbine (VAWT) that is well suited to residential and SOHO applications.

“Wind energy can easily and cleanly be converted to electricity” said Artmetco President Dan Kucer and “with today’s rising gas and oil prices driving electricity costs higher and higher, it makes sense to harvest the wind but cost effective alternatives sized to generate enough power were tough to come by.”

“Not anymore” said Artmetco Energy Solutions’ Rob Baxter who explained that Artmetco Energy Solutions VAWT is uniquely suited to homeowners and small business owners who are demanding an affordable, reliable and renewable energy alternative sized for their needs.

About Artmetco – With 75 years of industry experience, Artmetco has a reputation for producing high quality and high precision products backed by excellent service and support for world-class clients in myriad industries across North America. A tradition of innovation, expertise, and a passion for engineering permeates every aspect of Artmetco’s state-of-the-art facilities in both Canada
and China.