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Capitalizing on Artmetco’s human and technical expertise, Artmetco is pleased to announce the creation of a new business unit focused on providing product and service based solutions to data center operations.
As technology continues to expand into every aspect of our world, the need to provide data center operators with product and service based solutions is growing in need and urgency.

In response to a growing demand for innovative results, Artmetco Data Solutions has entered the market with a offering of products and services including but not limited to a Pre-Assembled Switch Bay, a Cisco Cable Manager and an intelligent floor tile.
“In a data center, time is money and down time is dead time” said Artmetco President Dan Kucer and “with a focus on results, data center operators are no longer willing to accept the status quo of available products, they are demanding new and creative solutions to empower them in the execution of their responsibilities.”

“Facility Managers are being called to task” said Artmetco Data Solutions’ Rob Baxter who explained that Artmetco Data Solutions was created out of a real world need in support of critical applications and a willingness to listen to what people were saying.

About Artmetco – With 75 years of industry experience, Artmetco has a reputation for producing high quality and high precision products backed by excellent service and support for world-class clients in myriad industries across North America. A tradition of innovation, expertise, and a passion for engineering permeates every aspect of Artmetco’s state-of-the-art facilities in both Canada
and China.