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Artmetco continues to lead by example with the addition of a Trumpf TruLaser 2030 Laser to it’s Montreal facility.

Artmetco is pleased to expand their service offering with the addition of an industry leading Trumpf TruLaser 2030 which has been designed especially for thin sheet metal processing.

According to Artmetco’s Director of Production Mr. Yves Vezina, the 2030 is a very accessible unit that has been specifically selected for its ability to seamlessly integrate into Artmetco’s production line.

“Together with our clients, we have been delighted with the speed and quality of the new laser ” said Mr. Vezina “and we look forward to expanding the scope of services that we currently offer our clients.”

About TRUMPF – With sales totaling US $ 2.763 billion (€ 2.025 billion) and 8,550 employees (preliminary figures for the 2010/11 fiscal year), the TRUMPF Group ranks among the leading manufacturing companies worldwide. In the field of industrial lasers and laser systems, the company is the technological leader in the world market.

About Artmetco – With 75 years of industry experience, Artmetco has a reputation for producing high quality and high precision products backed by excellent service and support for world-class clients in myriad industries across North America. A tradition of innovation, expertise, and a passion for engineering permeates every aspect of Artmetco’s state-of-the-art facilities in both Canada
and China.