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Data sorting – Telcom – Automation

  • Our world is being transformed by the growth of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and collaborative robots which have emerged as a new and fast-growing technology that can satisfy the demand for automation and flexibility in manufacturing. As a key partner, Artmetco has helped modernize cloud computing, artificial intelligence and automation sectors by manufacturing design server enclosures, structural racks, cabinets, other complex network assemblies, and smart products;
  • For the past three decades Artmetco served more than a hundred T-1 & T-2 customers and provided several thousands of sub & complete network product assemblies. Our customers have relied on Artmetco manufacturing expertise and capabilities to increase their product flexibility, profitability, and quality;
  • Vertically integrated Artmetco has the ability to have multiple manufacturing locations in the Far East and North America which creates multiple points of access to meet volume requirements and provide year-over-year significant cost reductions and economies of scale.