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Artmetco is pleased to welcome Mr. Julio Pace to the Artmetco team.

With over twenty-five years of industrial experience, Mr. Pace has a wealth of knowledge derived from the many roles he has held; including but not limited to being a Front-Line Supervisor, an Operations Manager and the General Manager of a unionized shop in the fast paced Aviation industry where Mr. Pace worked with industry leading clients that included Pratt and Whitney, Rolls-Royce, GE, Siemens and others.

‘We are very excited to have Julio on board’ said Artmetco Vice-President Mario Guerrera, ‘Julio brings a wide assortment of skills to our team including an extensive knowledge of lean manufacturing and other forward thinking philosophies that help Artmetco and our clients exceed our objectives’.

About Artmetco – With 75 years of industry experience, Artmetco has a reputation for producing high quality and high precision products backed by excellent service and support for world-class clients in myriad industries across North America. A tradition of innovation, expertise, and a passion for engineering permeates every aspect of Artmetco’s state-of-the-art facilities in both Canada and China.