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Medical device

  • The global medical device market keeps growing year over year at a steady-state rate with opportunities in public and private hospitals. The major drivers for the growth of this market are healthcare expenditures, technological developments, chronic diseases, and the aging population;
  • Artmetco has engineered and supplied thousands of sheet metal assemblies and product integration of various medical device type in North America such as diagnostic, monitoring, therapeutic, surgical, and others, each of which far exceeds conventional design assemblies;
  • As a mid-size contract manufacturer, our expertise allows us to develop with agility and responsive the OEMs needs with a robust quality system;
  • Vertically integrated, Artmetco has the ability to have multiple manufacturing locations which creates multiple points of access to meet volume requirements and provide year-over-year significant cost reductions and economies of scale;
  • For over 30 years, medical device OEMs have relied on Artmetco manufacturing expertise and capabilities to increase their flexibility, profitability, and product quality.