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Artmetco’s International Outsourcing Program

International - webTo further meet your needs, we now offer both domestic and offshore capabilities with our International Outsourcing Program

Artmetco has developed strategic partnerships with Far East manufacturers to source components and assemblies in China.  We can offer our customers a lower cost option while allowing them to maintain supply chain control and product quality levels. This enables us to offer our customers significant cost reductions whilst maintaining the high levels of quality which they experience from our manufacturing facilities.

Manufacturing & Assembly Quality Guaranteed

A key element of our service offering is that we will guarantee the delivery and quality of products supplied.

To deliver quality, technology and service to our customers through our offshore manufacturing capabilities, with our “one-stop sourcing” and “total solutions services”, we also offer a “blended” process, which would normally involve prototyping and initial production by Artmetco, followed by a phased transfer of certain products within the overall product portfolio to an offshore subcontractor when design stability and volumes make this economically viable.

This service will result in significant cost savings, depending on the nature of the assembly, but will require a much firmer approach to design stability to be applied by Artmetco. We believe this “blended Outsourcing” solution gives our customers the opportunity to enjoy Far Eastern pricing without any of the associated risks or costs.